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Our clinic offers Japanese Acupuncture, Japanese Style Moxibustion and Kampo (Japanese Herbal Remedies) as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine style treatment to suite the needs of every patient and every condition.

Located in South Bay in a premium medical building near Torrance Memorial Hospital and Little Company of Mary Hospital.

Stroke Treatment: “Stroke Rehab Acupuncture” is a highly effective treatment protocol for post-stroke symptoms. In 1972, Tianjin China, “Xingnao Kaiqiao Fa (Stroke Rehab Acupuncture)” was invented by Dr. Shi Xue Min. Atsuki Maeda is a certified practitioner of this method and practicing since 1989. It promotes and enhances the blood flow to the brain and heals damaged cells to facilitate recovery.

*Please see our intensive Stroke Rehab Acupuncture treatment programs.

Dementia Prevention & Treatment: This treatment protocol was recently developed in Tianjin, China using a similar technique to “Stroke Rehab Acupuncture” with modifications available to meet individual needs. This powerful technique is very effective for the treatment and prevention of Dementia. 

Japanese Acupuncture: Japanese Style Acupuncture provides gentle and painless treatment for everyone from newborns (Shoni-Shin: Pediatric Acupuncture uses non-invasive tool) to elderly people for any medical condition. The treatment is very comfortable and relaxing.

Cancer Complication Treatment: Cancer patients who may be undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment may be benefited by acupuncture treatment to maintain appetite, improve energy, increase immune system function, and promote motivation. Acupuncture treatment is also effective for numbness of fingertips and toes. The treatment is very comfortable and makes the patient’s body feel light.

Interviewed by AcuTake June 2011

Interviewed by Santa Monica Daily Press August 2011

Specializing in Stroke Rehab Acupuncture and Japanese Acupuncture